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How it Works

If you are not a first time borrower, you must be aware of the following four stages of loan process which is common with all types of online loans. However, for first time borrowers here is a step by step guide to the complete loan process in brief.

Step 1 - Online Application

If are 18 years or over, have a valid checking account, permanent employment (income source) and you are a citizen of US then you are eligible to apply for online loans &you can submit your loan requirement. Simply fill & submit the application form available on this website which takes less than 5 minutes of your time.

Step 2 - Lending Decision

You will receive a quick response from the lender through phone or email. A no obligation quotation would be shared with you that details the loan offer based on your financial & personal circumstances.

Step 3 - Funds Transfer

You will be required to sign a loan agreement which lists all the terms and conditions of borrowing the loan. This is mostly done online so it does not take much time. Your cash will then be transferred almost immediately.

Step 4 - Repayment

Very common method of repayments is through direct debit from account on your payday. The repayment amount would be debited automatically from your account. So be sure to have sufficient balance in your account on due date.

Consumer Advisory: is not a lender. This site offers a loan matching service by submitting your information to direct lenders. Your info is verified by lenders and loan is approved on basis on your eligibility & affordability. The lender will contact you via phone/email with lending decision. We will NOT contact you via phone/email to ask for any payment or lending decision. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to represent please be aware that is scam and contact us immediately at

Information shared related to loan terms, conditions and policies may vary by each lender, state and applicant qualifications. Missing loan repayments or late payments may be subject to penalties (increased fees/rates). Not all lenders may offer you $1,000 loan amount, and not all applicants are guaranteed approval of their application. Loan amount, repayment tenure, interest rates, flexibilities & penalties vary by lender and state. In case of non-payment of loan installments on due date, lenders may use collection services.

*The APRs on loans range from: 4.999% to 35.80% for premium personal loans. Not all borrowers will be proposed APRs in this range, as it is calculated according to individual applicant’s circumstances. Qualifying for a loan is also not guaranteed for all applicants. We provide a free loan matching service and do not engage in consumer lending.